About Grindhaus

Grindhaus all started with a Star Trek parody. John was sleeping over at my (Connor's) house and we thought it'd be fun to make movie. Somewhere along the way it got more serious and turned into Cataclysmic Space Catastrophe, Our debut movie.

Grindhaus was originally called D'Peach Mode Films, though John had no idea of this, but we changed the name to "Grindhaus" after watching Planet Terror. Now that monster that consumes our souls is called Grindhaus Productions. This blood soaked creature chews up the metal scraps that are our ideas and spits out the mechanical contraptions that are our movies.


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I'm into bands like KMFDM, Pig, Chemlab, Front Line Assembly, and Therion. As for movies, I'm mainly into anything with action. Movies like The Big Red One, Nosferatu, Gross Pointe Blank, the list goes on. I love video games as well, the world's greatest pass-time. Unlike MOST people I like to read, I like anything Tom Clancy or S.D. Perry. I also dig graphic novels and comic books. Some people say I have no life, but they're wrong, I go shooting with my dad... I need to apply for my FOI card... and I also play airsoft. You won't see me on the airsoft battlefront now because it's cold.

- Saibot216@hotmail.com


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I'm a 16 year old in high school. I like to listen to music, play video games, read comics, make movies obviously and other stuff. I have a ton of hobbies that I'm always switching off of. Being part of grindhaus productions is awesome. I co-direct, write, and act with Connor. All site coding done by me btw, B)

- jjoseph905@gmail.com